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Araya Pet Guidelines

​As a fur-parent, we do ask you to act responsibly and follow the guidelines below:

  • Both cats and dogs are welcome.

  • We welcome pets up to 2 feet and 10 kilograms.

  • Only two (2) pets are allowed per Beach Casa Villa or Garden Casa Villa.

  • A registered adult fur-parent must accompany their pet at all times. Pets must be on a leash or in a carrier in all public areas.

  • Pet(s) must be well groomed, free from fleas and ticks. Cat claws must be trimmed.

  • Most importantly, allow us to meet and greet your pet(s)! Make sure to register them upon check-in too and present their updated vaccination record.

  • The "Pet Inside" sign is to be kept by your lounge area always, to indicate a pet is in the villa.


In the event where fur-parents choose to leave the pets inside the villa unattended, you are required to secure your pet on a leash or in a kennel and be accessible via the contact details you provided.

Araya has the right to remove the pet from the villa and secure them elsewhere until retrieved in the event that the fur-parent is not reachable when needed.


Fur-parents should remove their pet(s) while housekeeping is servicing the room. A service fee applies per stay.

                             FEE PER PET      PHP 2,500

A Pet Incidental Deposit of PHP 5,000 per stay is required upon check-in on top of the total villa charge and villa security deposit. The amount will be released once the villa has been checked and in good condition upon checkout.

A pet relief area is located at the garden area, behind the pool pumps — exclusively for Araya guest's pets/ Responsible fur-parents clean up after their pet(s) and dispose of any waste in the designated trash bin located at the relief area. Use of villa towels and linens for pets is not permitted.


All areas of Araya Beach Casas are pet-friendly, except for beds, sofa lounges, and the villa pools. Fur-parent(s) are responsible to bring cover sheets, blankets, pet beds, leashes or a carrier for use inside the villa.


Araya Beach Casas and its employees shall not be liable for any loss or illness of any pet for any reason,  unless caused by intentional misconduct or negligence.

Fur-parents accept full responsibility for any liability, expenses, cost and losses for inquiries, damage and/or accidents that may result from the pet(s).


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